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Method and system for structured light 3D camera, with S. Ben-moshe, M. Bronstein, US Patent App. 2012/0218464, August 30, 2012.
Imaging and projecting devices and methods , with A. Bronstein and M. Bronstein, US Patent App.2012/0200829, September 8, 2012.
Method and system for acquisition, representation, compression, and transmission of three-dimensional data, with M. Bronstein and S. Ben Moshe, WO Patent App.  2012/101582, August 3, 2012.
Devices and methods of generating three dimensional (3d) colored models, with Y. Honen, US Patent App. 2011/0050859, March 3, 2011.
Surgery planning based on predicted results, with M. Bronstein, A. Bronstein and E. Zeiler, US Patent App. 2011/0270044, May 3, 2011.
Parallel Approximation of Distance Maps, with A. M. Bronstein, M. M. Bronstein, Y. S. Dvir, and O. Weber, US Patent App. 2010/0119120 , May 13, 2010.
Over-Parameterized Variational Optical Flow Method, with T. Nir, and A. M. Bruckstein, US Patent App. 2010/0272311, October 28, 2010.
System and method for user object selection in geographic relation to a video display, A. Bronstein, M. and Bronstein, WO Patent App. 2009/131950, October 30, 2009.
Acceleration of multidimensional scaling by vector extrapolation techniques, with G. Rosman, A. Bronstein, and M. Bronstein, US Patent App. 2009/0037507, February 5, 2009.
Method And Apparatus For Determining Similarity Between Surfaces, with A. Bronstein, and M. Bronstein, US Patent App. 2009/0028442, January 29, 2009.
Parallel processing motion estimation for H.264 video codec, with A. Bronstein, M. Bronstein, and S.S. Rakib, US Patent App. 2008/0126278, May 29, 2008.
Parallel deblocking filter for H.264 video codec, with M. Bronstein, A. Bronstein, and S.S. Rakib, US Patent App. 2008/0123750, May 29, 2008.
Three-dimensional video scanner, US Patent App. 2007/0165246, July 19, 2007.